Design Anthropology is a growing discipline that integrates the strengths of design and anthropological research by focusing on participation, innovation and collaborative research. Based on the outcomes of her literature study[Design Education and the role of Anthropology] Tina increases cultural awareness among design students at art schools [HKU, WdKA, St.Joost, ArtEZ] through participant observation (fieldwork) and Cultural Probes and motivates departments of Anthropology to broaden creative skills of their studentsBy proposing generative research methods she emphasizes the importance of design anthropology into 21 century curriculum of higher education in art. 

Since 1999 Tina works as art director and lectures Social Design in the Netherlands, South Africa and China. Tina did her masters in Design at Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. In 2009 she participated in a premaster Anthropology at VU Amsterdam, followed by an Erasmus exchange at KU Leuven. In 2017 she graduated as master Education in Arts at Amsterdam University of Arts. At the moment Tina lectures Moving Design – human matters in the world – at design department ArtEZ Zwolle and Cutural Diversity at minor Social Practice at Academy Willem de Kooning Rotterdam. Discover more about her work: www.tinalenz.nl