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Ruimtelijk plan

Subsidie is deze week toegekend door het Ondernemersfonds Arnhem. Samen met lokale winkeliers van de Drieslag, bewoners Malburgen en het team van Ruimtekoers werken we bottom-up vanuit een integrale ontwerpbenadering richting het zichtbaar maken van de unieke culturele context en een ruimtelijk plan voor een toekomstige landmark.

‘More Space’ Society

Op locatie vanuit Arnhem-Zuid in gesprek met Saskia van Stein & Martijn de Waal tijdens LIVECAST Pakhuis de Zwijger op 3 juni om 14 uur tijdens ‘This is not a simulation!’ over de ‘1,5 meter society’ en positionering van ontwerpers: https://dezwijger.nl/live

Made in Arnhem

Voor het programma Hart van de Stad, Made in Arnhem vond 26 mei een interview plaats over het De Drieslag ten tijde van Corona. Korte reportage is terug te zien bij ca. 41 minuten https://vimeo.com/

Ik wilde …

Nieuwjaarskaart in 2017 gemaakt voor vrienden. Hoe kijken mensen terug op hun leven? Bronnie Ware, een verpleegster in de palliatieve zorg, sprak erover met haar patiënten en tekende de verhalen op in haar boek ‘Top five regrets of the dying’.


Iedereen viert de liefde, maar wie heeft aandacht voor gebroken harten? En hoe werkt dat eigenlijk: rouwen om iemand die er nog is? Samen met Anne van der Weijden geef ik in het Tropenmuseum Amsterdam op 10 maart 2019 de workshop EX-IT over ritueel afsluiten. Heel je hart en doe de EX-it!


Reciprocity for 2019: red envelop with Desiderata of Max Ehrmann & drink voucher to exchange 囍 囍 囍

Exploring Fieldwork

At the practice Cultural Diversity WdKA students observe and experience societal issues through immersing oneself in the neighbourhood Bospolder Tussendijken. Questions of identity and authenticity, migration, citizenship, transnational relations and myths of progress are at the heart of this program. One core aspect is exploring reciprocity when working within a specific geographical space in the city of Rotterdam. (Photo: Lisbeth Luft)


Celebrating 10 years PhDArts: How do we establish, sustain and nourish a vital research culture in the arts? With Keynote lecture by dr. Henk Oosterling – Art based research as hypocritical reflaction.

A Tale of Seven Planets

Bruno Latour at Zuiderkerk Amsterdam November 16th “A Tale of Seven Planets – An Exercise in Gaiapolitics”: “We live for the first time in a time when the earth responds to our actions as Gaïa, in which nature is no longer the background but acts itself. We live for the first time in a time when the story of Noah is the expression of the real need that prevails at the moment. If we develop such a new sensitivity, a new policy is possible.”

Why the World Needs …

Fruitful conference ‘Designing the future’ by opening boundaries (transdisciplinary working), offering Kula (exchange information) and building potlatch (connect to gift giving) with Sarah Pink, Jamer Hunt, Anna Kirah a.o. at ‘Why The World Needs Anthropologists’ Lisbon #wwna2018

Merkez Camii Mosque

Visiting the beautiful Merkez Camii Mosque at Deventer. Every first Saturday of the month they open their doors for everybody who’s curious. You get a nice impression of all the activities.

Studium Generale ArtEZ

Together with art programmer Anne van der Weijden & performance artist Najendra Caldera we organised a masterclass about house rules, performing new rituals at home. (Re)designing a ritual which evolves new meanings in daily routines by giving them symbolic content and deliver a performing tool to inspire people in innovative ways of enacting at home.

Smart Culture Conference

Smart Culture Working Conference pays special attention to four PhD projects of the NWO programme ‘PhD Research in the Arts’. NWO established this programme in 2010, in collaboration with the Mondriaan Foundation. The programme aims to support research in the arts as part of university practice. With this exposium, delegates, the PhD candidates and PhD graduate artists, can explore what the art and science trajectory yields.

Bias in Design

September & November 2018 I was invited by department Creative Business at University of Applied Science Hogeschool Utrecht to give two guest lectures for 200 students about Design & Diversity.

Mission Casablanca

October 2018 on a mission with Dutch-Moroccan vascular surgeons for NGO Sante Pour Tous to share knowledge with team of doctors (in training) at hospital Chu Ibn Rochd in Casablanca.


At Balance-Unbalance, a conference about art and design as catalysts to explore intersections between nature, science, technology and society, I joined the workshop of Barbara Asselbergs, Generating Urban Values: dialogues in Urban Space.

Participatory Design

A central theme of Participatory Design is the direct involvement of people in the design of things, spaces and technologies they use. The Participatory Design Conference 2018 at the University of Hasselt was related to the challenge of approaching design processes and projects in participatory ways, with the people who have a stake in these processes and projects.

Building and Dwelling

According to sociologist Richard Sennett intergration is a bad idea. We do not have to think the same thing. If only we can work together.

Why Anthropology Matters

Tim Ingold’s manifesto for a future anthropology ‘Anthropology, why it matters’ is a book for the coming generation: ‘Anthropologists study with people, rather then making studies of them. Anthropologists have shown how principles of giving and receiving are the core of everyday life.’

Sante Pour Tous

As board member of NGO Santé Pour Tous I’ll accompany Marocain-Dutch medical team this year to Tanger, Nador & Casablanca. Together we’re working on a campaign to build awareness for www.santepourtous.nl

Contemporary Rituals

Inspired by social phenomena in public space WdKA students were challenged to develop a contemporary ritual evolving new meanings in daily routines. Forty students designed a performing tool with symbolic content and activated participants in innovative ways of cooperation.

Unmaking and ruination

Unmaking and ruination in design anthropology: can we speak of unmaking in form of design? Creative de(con)struction instead of production? Making colonial pain visible and tangible in ethnographic collections. Curating future looking into the (euro-centric) past. Inspiring papers presented at ‘Art, Materiality and Representation’ conference in British Museum.



What if the exchanges we call economic were part of a much larger, far older and more diffuse system of exchange? What if value were defined not by accumulation but by circulation, and circulation not by supply & demand but by honor, glory and beauty? Categories who are linked to gift and sacrifice. Students WdKA created social tools that gave direction to conversations by approaching unknown people.

Design + Anthropology

Design + Anthropology represents a milestone in the creation of a new and important field of artistic and intellectual inquiry. Christine Miller explores the evolution of two disciplines and touches on the invention & diffusion of new practices. Design Anthropology is an emerging transdiciplinary field characterized by an approach that integrates anthropological methods, theory, frameworks and critique with design principles and practices to address a wide range of complex system-level problems facing societies, institutions and organizations.

ArtEZ WinterLAB

Rituelen zijn scharniermomenten van emoties waar waarden op expressieve wijze tot uitdrukking komen. Tijdens WINTERLAB onderzoek ik samen met predikant Martin Jans en 27 studenten de betekenis van een ritueel, bouwstenen waarmee rituelen ontstaan en welke fases worden doorlopen tijdens het uitoefenen van een ritueel.

Moving Moengo

January 2018, together with filmmaker Magda Augusteijn, I’ll do research by mapping rituals as conversation pieces of different population groups [Maroon, Amerindian, Hindustanis, Creoles, Chinese, Javanese] living together in Moengo, Suriname. Art students of Nola Hatterman Art Academy in Paramaribo will create cultural probe toolkits for the inhabitants. The project Moving Moengo has been granted by Creative Industries Fund.

Local & global rituals

Workshop about rituals at AKV | St.Joost ‘Living with people who differ is the most urgent challenge facing civil society today. We tend socially to avoid engaging with people unlike ourselves, and modern politics encourages the politics of the tribe rather than of the city. Richard Sennett discusses in his book ‘Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation’ why this has happened 

and what might be done about it.’

Lecture VU & ArtEZ

Tuesday November 21th two lectures take place: in the morning at ArtEZ Fine Art & Design Education Arnhem and afternoon at VU faculty Anthropology, Amsterdam. Both lectures I’ll introduce the connection between Design and Anthropology.

Minor Cultural Diversity

From October 2017 I’m lecturing Cultural Diversity / New Urban Dynamics for third year students minor Social Practices at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. The practices focus on art and design that impacts societal issues by (re)designing processes, interactions and relationships, involving participants in the design process.

Homo Ludens

On my way to give a lecture at PLAYSPACE about daily life observations for students WdKA Gamification. The location is in one of the inspiring streets of Rotterdam (West-Kruiskade) which reminds me of Constant’s quote: ‘Homo ludens impinges on his environment: He interrupts, changes, intensifies; he follows paths and in passing, leaves traces of his presence everywhere.’

Provocation Pieces

Together with Deanna Herst I gave a lecture about generative design research. During one day students New Frontiers of academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam build Provocation Pieces to provoke and trigger information of their community.

Cultural probes toolkit

Studenten Design AKV | St.Joost Breda ontwerpen Cultural Probe toolkits voor hun respondenten tijdens de workshop Design Antropologie. Een generatieve onderzoeksmethode van Bill Gaver die zich liet inspireren door de interventies van de Internationale Situationisten.

Moving Design

From september I’ll lecturing a new course called Moving Design – human matters in the world – at Graphic Design department ArtEZ University of the Arts Zwolle.

Club Rules

CLUB RULES is een avond waar het spel tussen regels en vrijheid centraal staat. 239 minutes to DANCE and EXPLODE. Locatie: SEXYLAND NDSM, Amsterdam-Noord

Hidden Hammams

Voor de Subjectieve Atlas van Annelys de Vet heb ik onlangs negen authentieke hammams bezocht. Mevrouw Saedi, uitbaatster badhuis El Maghrab: “Ik wil graag meer Europeanen in mijn hamam, maar de drempel is zo hoog. Ik denk dat ze bang zijn voor het grote cultuurverschil. Terwijl dat cultuurverschil achter de klapdeurtjes bij de ingang meteen vervaagt. De badgasten komen vaak ingepakt in allesbedekkende gewaden binnen, maar als ze even later in de hammam zitten, valt het immense cultuurverschil zelfs niet meer te vermoeden”. © Brussel Deze Week

Master Education in Arts

Onlangs nam ik mijn 2e master in ontvangst. Na Sandberg in 1999 nu een master in Kunsteducatie voor het stimuleren van mensgericht creëeren binnen het HBO designonderwijs. Met toespraak van lector Emiel Heijnen, die Pablo Helguera citeerde.

25 onderzoeksverslagen

Het ei is gelegd: 25 onderzoeksverslagen van eindexamenstudenten AKV | St.Joost, Breda. De onderzoeksbijbel opent met ‘Dear Designer – an essay on your artistic licence’ en sluit af met ‘Baby 978 – Designerbaby’. Een bundel met pittig leesvoer geschreven door een nieuwe generatie ontwerpers!

Art of Solidarity

Today we organized a workshop ‘Art of Solidarity’ in De Doelen Rotterdam where 100 Palestinian kids created new designs for a keffiya to dance and show solidarity with equal rights for all #MostWantedJustice

Participerend observeren

Student Vera IJzelenberg, eindexamen grafisch ontwerpen kunstacademie St.Joost, doet onderzoek naar hoe het is om als moslima met hijab door het leven te gaan. Voor een week draagt ze zelf een hijab en probeert zo naast interviews en participerend observeren te kijken vanuit een ander perspectief: graphicmountain


My Home Your Home

Op 16 maart 2017 vond de ArtEZ Studium Generale Lost in Transition – Identity in a changing world plaats. Samen met lector Jeroen van den Eijnde gaf ik de workshop My Home Your Home waar 1e en 2e jaars studenten door middel van cultural probes onderzoek deden naar elkaars identiteit https://www.artez.nl/agenda/lost-in-transition

Day in the Life

Empirisch onderzoek i.s.m. Anne van der Weijden waar we de workshop ‘Day in the Life’ 
met inzet van de methodes participerend observeren
 en cultural probes bij studenten AKV | St.Joost hebben geëvalueerd aan de hand van het Robert Stake evaluatiemodel. Onderzoeksvraag was of deze onderzoeksmethoden van invloed zijn op het ontwerpproces
 van HBO-designstudenten. De studenten hebben prachtige toolkits ontworpen en overhandigd aan hun respondenten: van zakenman op bezoek bij boeren, meisje met de ziekte van Lyme, vandalist, reclameman, zelfvoorzienend ecoloog, autist werkzaam in dagbesteding, verstopte creatieveling, huisjesmelker, fysiotherapeut tot medewerker in een delicatessenwinkel.

Workshops Palestina

During our fieldtrip to research new ways to bring Palestine’s children’s rights to your attention, we found inspiration by all the positive and beautiful energy of 50 young people in Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus who joined our workshops. The workshops were initiated by Tadamun & DCI building awareness for children rights in Palestine.

ArtEZ Art Research Conference

Friday November 18th I gave a lecture at ArtEZ Art & Design Research conference about my research Design Education and the Role of Anthropology.


Bar Lonely

Invited by Call for Loneliness I’m doing research called Rituals for Loneliness by connecting people in different countries, different bars and different cultures. Looking for specific rituals people are creating to give meaning to their loneliness. Check for more inspiration: http://vooreenzaamheid.nl/


Guest lecture WdKA

September 2016 I gave a guest lecture about Rituals & Design Anthropology at Willem de Kooning minor Gamification WdKA, Rotterdam. We discussed the meaning of rituals in society from personal, local to global perspectives based on the three ‘R’s – Rituals, Relations and Restrictions – of Taiye Selasi.


Lecture Summerschool

Last week I gave a lecture at the Ceuvel in Amsterdam-North about ‘Anthropology & the reconciliation role of Design’ at LOVA Summerschool of Experimental Education.

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-18 om 10.19.30Schermafbeelding 2016-07-18 om 10.20.28 IMG_2522Schermafbeelding 2016-07-18 om 10.20.40Schermafbeelding 2016-07-18 om 10.20.13Schermafbeelding 2016-07-18 om 10.19.53 Schermafbeelding 2016-07-18 om 10.20.02   13417495_1358753177473352_6704141520070560875_n

Can Design Do?

What Design Can Do Conferentie 2016 met NLE architects, Peter Saville, Ravi Naidoo, Ibaaku, Machine, Officer fishing dumplings, Zapiro, Sally Raby Kane, Juliana Rotich, Nynke Tromp, Christian Benimana, Petra Stienen. Look what can Africa do for Europe …


Bureau Europa

De tentoonstelling THE NEXT BIG THING IS NOT A THING verbindt de laatste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van design met de wetenschap van de antropologie. Verkenning vindt plaats langs de grenzen aan de ontwerpdiscipline en worden nieuwe vormen van kennisontwikkeling en kritische reflectie onderzocht. De tentoonstelling gaat nader in op het onderzoekmatige karakter van de ontwerper en benadert design als een interdisciplinair domein.