Design Anthropology

Design anthropology combines the transformative, future orientation of design with anthropological theory and cultural interpretation, systematic investigation of the past as a lens to explore the present, and a unique sensitivity to the value orientations of various groups affected by design projects (Otto & Smith, 2013).

It represents a milestone in the creation of a new and important field of artistic and intellectual inquiry. The evolution of two disciplines creates the invention & diffusion of new practices. Design Anthropology is an emerging transdiciplinary field characterized by an approach that integrates anthropological methods, theory, frameworks and critique with design principles and practices to address a wide range of complex system-level problems facing societies, institutions and organizations.

In this emerging field of artistic and human centered inquiry Tina creates zones of improvisation and invites people into a design process. Existing conditions, places and rituals are collectively mapped, visualized and reimagined to discover possible alternative futures.

Rituals as Gifts of Social Structure and Exchange between Profane and Sacred will be an artistic research from 2022. Focus will be on the power relations of reciprocity and social interaction between living and their ancestors.

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