Floating Environments of Radical Repair

‘Art, creativity and the artist as a natural, self-evident part of the personal, daily life and society as a whole’

Text written for AFK & Buurtwerkplaats Noorderhof (BWP): ‘It has been raining for weeks now. Rivers are rising and rising. In a way, this shows the precocity of our situation for the near future. My only comforting thought is the fact that boats will become our lifesavers in a world where the second flood after Noah’s Ark has been forecasted. That brings me to floating objects. Three French artists were inspired by floating objects to draw attention to socio-cultural inconveniences. Olivier Delebecque, Laëtitia Delauney and Aurélia Noudelmann chose BWP as the ideal Dutch ‘shipyard’ to build their boats.’

Read entire text Exhibition from February till April 2024 Bureau Postjesweg