Almanac for Radical Imagination

Radical imagination is the ability to see the world not as it is, but as it can be. As freethinkers, artists can play an important role in letting people experience this other world and in setting social innovation in motion. Everyone has imagination. But bringing everyone’s imagination together into a collective imagination requires a radical approach. An exploratory study was carried out from May 2021 to June 2022 on behalf of the VriendenLoterij Fund, part of the DOEN Foundation. Design anthropologist Tina Lenz has looked at how radical imagination resonates among participants of various social art practices, including David Bade & SCHUNCK, Outsiderwear, Jan Hoek, Alexandra Broeder, X_YUSUF_BOSS, Bakkerij de Eenvoud, Rainbow Soulclub, SPACE. In addition to conversations, observations, making vignettes and applying active methods, participants shared their perceptions by responding to the question: what impression has participation in social art practice left on you? The Almanac for Radical Imagination – 360 pages – is for sale at Framer Framed, Het Nieuwe Instituut and online: